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Neighborhood Compost: Up Close & Personal with Adison Evans

Not too long after founder and CEO, Carolyn Butler, created Borobabi, magic was happening in another little corner of New Jersey. Adison Evans was recreating her entire world. This professional, Juilliard trained musician found herself on her parents’ farm in the midst of a global pandemic, with time on her hands and resources at her fingertips. Armed also with a well established environmental consciousness, Adi founded Neighborhood Compost.

As a subscription based compost pickup service, Adison and her team offer residents in Northern New Jersey and parts of New York the option of composting their food scraps without the responsibility of maintenance. They do the hard work, and because they do the work at a higher volume than your average backyard compost, they are able to break down a larger variety of items - including textiles. Borobabi takes so much of its inspiration from the circle, the loop, the globe - all things round really, and all things that join together a beginning and an end. Our curiosities lay with the proverbial big picture, which is why we seek out partners who are inspired by the same things.

On April 3, 2021, Adi and her team, along with a few Borobabi volunteers, built a pile of compost that included, for the first time, worn out garments returned from our customers that were deemed unusable. These items were used as carbon - an essential ingredient in healthy compost that helps absorb moisture. That pile was named Agnes, and one year later, she is alive and thriving.

Neighborhood Compost is a business as committed to this Earth as its founder is. Adison, at all times, is both educating herself and educating others about the science and value of composting. She offers ample opportunities for her customers, or any one interested, to get involved with the whole process. One day each month is set aside for volunteers to come to the farm and get experiential training in all things compost related.

You can sign up for their April 10th Volunteer Day by emailing info@neighborhood compost, or follow @neighborhoodcompost on Instagram for more information.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day, Neighborhood Compost will be hosting an Earth Day workshop on April 24, 2022, where you can swap clothes, learn about vermicomposting (Come meet some very happy worms!), and be a part of this conscious community. All updated information about this event will also be posted on Instagram.

Among these offerings, Adison is excited to share with everyone that some of her favorite, Earth friendly items are now available on the NC website. We can all agree that there is power in the choices we make, and Neighborhood Compost is as committed as we are to curating products that can be trusted. Some matches are made in heaven. This match was made on a farm, covered in dirt, and sifted with good intentions, and neither Borobabi nor Neighborhood Compost would have it any other way.

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