Let’s Keep The Circle Going, Neighbors!

We’re here to help make your home even more circular. From pantry to home essentials, go to our NC SHOP or login to the customer portal to see the abundance of goods we have to deliver to your door at your next compost pick up.

In our current economy we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste. This is a linear process. In a circular economy, we stop waste from being produced in the first place. Experience the convenience of receiving all home essential minus the waste.


Our reusable jar program! Imagine.. your next compost pickup isn’t just any pickup.. It’s an NC Shop delivery as well! Receive all selected products in our reusable mason jars and containers. Transfer the ingredients to your containers at home and leave us the jars at the next compost pick up to use for another neighbor. (no need to wash them, we’ll do that!)

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Over 50 products ranging from bamboo TP, to pastas, local maple syrup and honey, grains, spices, nuts, legumes, and more! All sourced from our local farm makers and companies that do good for the planet. 

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Uhhh. Do we even need to answer that? #nomoresingleuseplastics

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