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Residential Services

Ready to put your waste to work? Reduce your trash by up to 50% by signing up for our convenient, door side compost pickup service.

Here's How it Works

The setup:

Receive a compost starter kit (one-time $25 fee) that includes our 5-gallon NC bucket, eco-liners, and airtight seal lid.


Compost away:

Follow our Compost Guide and fill up your bucket. These 5-gallon buckets with airtight sealed lids can hold all of your food scraps and other organic matter including the salad dressing that went bad 4 years ago in the back of your refrigerator.

The PickuP:

Place your bucket outside on your pickup day. We'll send you a text reminder and be in touch with you every step of the way. Our driver will pick up your bucket, weigh it, so you can track your incredible impact, clean it out and replace it for you to start the cycle all over again.


Our Service Area Includes

We service houses, apartment buildings, and townhouse communities in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Morris, N. Somerset, N. Hunterdon Counties. Not sure if you're in our service area? Email us at

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Do you live in one of these Municipalities?

Check out our Municipal Compost Dropoff Locations

Want to get a free Compost Starter Kit?

Visit our neighbors @ Bear Minimum 618B Main St, Boonton, NJ 07005

*Free compost starter kits are with a weekly or biweekly subscription sign up at our pop up locations.

(this excludes our pay-as-you-go option) 

Residential Plans Pricing

Biweekly Pick ups - $39 / every 4 weeks

Our most popular composting plan; ideal for households of 1-2 people.

Weekly Pick Ups - $54 / Every 4 weeks

Great composting option for households of 3+ people or smaller households producing lots of organic waste

Pay-As-you-Go - $22.50 / pickup

Request a compost pickup whenever your bucket is full.

Receive a compost starter kit (one-time $25 fee) that includes our 5-gallon NC bucket, eco-liners, and airtight seal lid.


Each pickup includes our white-glove service. We pick up your organic matter, weigh it to track your impact, and clean your bucket. Every subscription includes access to the NC Circular Home Shop our weekly newsletter filled with eco news, delicious scrappy recipes, composting tips, and more!

Visit our Circular Home Shop

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I compost?
    Follow our Compost Guide! We accept all kinds of paper and cardboard as long as it's matte and free of stickers, tape and staples. That means we can compost printed paper, corrugated cardboard boxes and more!
  • Do you supply compost bins?
    Yes! We'll supply compost bins for your business. If you want to buy additional biobags, we have those available for purchase. There is a fee for replacing a bin, bucket, or toter if it is missing or damaged beyond repair.
  • Can I freeze my subscription? 
    Yes, you can freeze your subscription for up to one month at a time. Please let us know before pickup day so we can notify our driver to skip your business. 
  • Where do you service/deliver?
    We currently offer commercial composting for businesses in Northern New Jersey. Curious if your business is on the route? Send us an email! Do I have to be at the office for compost pick-up/drop-off? No, so long as we have access to where you keep your compost, we do all the work for you.
  • How do I request a customized quote?
    Contact us through our customized quote form! Or you can email us at
  • Do you offer recycling services as well?
    Not only does Neighborhood Compost help you keep your food scraps out of landfill, we are here to help you recycle items that you can't typically recycle curbside. We've partnered with TerraCycle to offer your workplace, Zero Waste Bags. Learn more here.
  • How do contamination fees work? OR Why did I receive a contamination fee?
    We send a contamination fee to our commercial subscribers when there is an excess of contamination in your organic matter, i.e. produce stickers, rubber bands, plastic, or other non-organic materials. We sort through the material by hand to remove any non-organic matter. Our finished compost is used to grow food, so please be mindful and remove all non-organic material before placing items in your compost container to avoid a contamination fee.

Explore All Of Our Services



Promote a culture of sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint in the workplace. Let us put your waste to work regenerating new ecosystems.



Neighborhood Compost is here to help you recycle items that you can't typically recycle curbside



From weddings, to parties, to corporate events, we'll help you waste as little as possible. Reach out today to start your sustainable event journey. 

What our neighbors have to say

Coleen | Pay-as-you-go

"My friend recommended Neighborhood Compost and I am so glad she did! I tried, unsuccessfully, to compost in my yard, but now I don't have to worry. Neighborhood Compost makes everything so easy. It makes me feel good knowing I am helping the earth. I am excited about trying some of the other services they offer as well, like helping me donate (instead of throwing away) fabric. The people that work there are wonderfully kind and responsive to any queries. I cannot recommend them enough."

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