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About Us

Why choose us?​

This easy, affordable service allows our neighbors to divert food scraps and organic material from landfills by giving them back to the earth. We are building community by replenishing the earth and building soil.

I am proud to partner with my family’s farm to provide a place of sanctuary for our Neighborhood Compost volunteers, so they can experience the wonders of nature on our farm.

Neighborhood Compost is my love song to our beautiful community that brings me back to my roots. I hope it does the same for you.

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Our Team

Our Farm

Northwest New Jersey

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Our family farm is located in Northwestern New Jersey, just a few minutes down the road from the house that Adi grew up in.


We took a small farm that hadn't been utilized for 20-30 years, introduced alpacas and goats to sustainably graze the fields, and amend the soil. Our growing practices align with regenerative agricultural principles, rooted in Indigenous wisdom.

By prioritizing soil health, integrating livestock with the land, and nurturing strong relationships with our NC volunteer community and educational outreach program, we believe in growing food in harmony with nature and healing the land from degradation.

Love what we're doing?

Join the Neighborhood Compost Team!

We're Hiring for the paid Positions of:

  • Part Time Driver/Compost Pickup Person

Volunteer with us!

Passionate about reducing waste and helping the environment? We want to connect with you! Email us at to collaborate!

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