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The Farm 

Our humble farm is located in Warren County, New Jersey, minutes down the road from where founder, Adison grew up and adjacent to where her grandpa was born almost a century ago.

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Our family purchased this farm in 2018 excited by the blank canvas that it was. Nothing has been grown here for the past three decades, promising dark, fertile soil. With the oldest farmhouse in the town dating back to 1770 and a large barn, we welcomed our livestock and our small family farm began. 


Adison's vision to utilize the farm to participate in a thriving circular economy has taken shape over the past few years. Combatting food waste and insecurity, fast fashion, and linear conventional growing practices, our farm has become a sanctuary for uncovering creative solutions to our waste problem and broken food system.

Farm Share

Each season we grow a variety of vegetables nourished with compost in our market garden and deliver them to your doorstep. From May to October we have small and large farm shares harvested to order for our residential customers located in your Customer Portal. We practice regenerative agriculture focusing on soil health first and prioritize working in harmony with our livestock to cultivate nutrient-dense whole foods for our communities organically.

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Meet Our Farm Crew

We don't harvest any of our animals, rather we work with them as much as possible. Our alpaca herd nourishes our soil and provides us with lush fiber every year. As a part of a fiber shed, this fiber is spun into a yarn to be made into clothing by partner companies of ours like Many Moons. When the clothing reaches the end of its lifecycle, in the far off future, it will be composted once again.

Read our recent blog about how our farm crew plays a role in breaking down food scraps in the composting process.

Visit Our Farm 

While our farm is not open to the public, we enjoy hosting employees of our commercial clients, residential subscribers, Girl Scout troops, environmental commissions, and more. We firmly believe in education and providing an opportunity for you to connect with nature and our agricultural systems.

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Would you like to get your hands in the dirt?

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