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Neighbor Spotlight: Reilly Grant, Fiber Artist

Here at Neighborhood Compost, we love supporting other small business owners and artists who are making a positive impact in the community! That's why we are thrilled to introduce you to Reilly Grant, a local fiber artist. Reilly has a background in Sustainable Agriculture where she was able to work with farmers to get hands-on experience caring and maintaining livestock. Reilly grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and recently moved to NJ. She has been working with the Neighborhood Compost community educating us on fiber art and spinning yarn from raw fiber. Read on to discover what inspired this local artist to dedicate herself to working with fiber.

Reilly's mom teaching how to spin at Pioneer Day in 2013! Reilly learning how to spin on same wheel in 2015.

What inspired you to get into working with fiber?

My amazing mom! She learned how to spin from a group of her friends that formed a “fiber on the porch” group. They met weekly and taught each other how to spin, knit, crochet, weave…the list could go on. I was fortunate to learn from these ladies as well and now teach others how to get started in fiber arts. I also had an incredible trip to Ireland in 2016 that made me realize sheep would have to be in my life forever. 

With yarn being available in stores, how do you stay motivated in spinning your own fiber?

handspun fiber

I am obviously biased toward making the yarn myself rather than buying it.

Getting the opportunity to spin my own yarn means I can make something that pops into my head. Sometimes I have a vision for the yarn I want and along the way I make something similar or learn new techniques I hadn’t thought of before. I love the unique texture of handspun. It makes the process of knitting it even more enjoyable. 

What do you love to make with the yarn you spin?

I’m a simple gal that loves triangle shawls. I think it's accessible for new knitters and so

enjoyable to wrap up in. For funky handspun yarn, triangle shawls are very forgiving.

What kind of services do you offer? How can someone get in touch?  

I’m happy to help beginner spinners get started. If you are thinking about either getting a wheel, trying a new craft or want to talk more, I’m always an email away. You can reach me at

woman spinning fiber with dog next to her

What are you most excited about learning next in the world of fiber?  

I love playing around with dying wool and fabric. We are anticipating a dye class later this summer with Neighborhood Compost. I’ve always wanted to felt my own slippers so that’s certainly in my future. 

Do you have any suggestions for someone interested in fiber art?  

Come to Neighborhood Compost and try a class! It’s the cheapest way to learn whether you might be interested in investing more money into this hobby. I also highly suggest visiting local fiber farms, meeting new people at local yarn stores, and going to a fiber festival if you get the chance.

group of people with raw fiber

Check out the Neighborhood Compost event calendar and join our upcoming fiber workshop:

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