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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Hey Neighbor! 

Adi here. Thanks for checking out Neighborhood Compost! Here’s a little background of how it came to be! 

As a professional freelancing musician with a tour of Asia cancelled, I found myself with an abundance of time on my hands in these recent months, like the rest of the world. While we as a humanity have been experiencing a very tumultuous time, I’ve been yearning to be able to give back and contribute. In January I spent a lot of time in deep reflection and meditation and the idea of starting a compost service came to me clear as day. 

And I may be kind of weird like that, but I’ve been using a vermicomposting system complete with 5,000 worms in my kitchen in my North Bergen apartment for 2 years now, and thought there has to be a better way. My parents just bought a farm in rural New Jersey, and my step dad suggested we start a compost heap there. 

Having always been passionate about reducing waste, finding ways to help conserve the environment including becoming a vegan (for about 2 years now- after having graduated The French Culinary Institute in NYC.. and my duck confit was off the hook), I figured.. Let me look into all of this. Within seven days of that meditation, I formed Neighborhood Compost LLC, and started on the plans of how to help connect Hudson/Bergen county neighborhoods to each other and reground ourselves with the Earth. 

Our initial launch day was actually intended to be on what became the first day of quarantine. Here we are a few months later, amidst the pandemic. My hope and prayer is that we all use this opportunity to truly embrace each other as human beings, and honor our incredibly gorgeous, magical planet that we have the privilege to inhabit. We can make such a profound impact if you and I start doing something simple and so loving like composting food waste and eating local produce.

I am so excited to be here with you and introduce you to Neighborhood Compost! Hooray! 



Founder of Neighborhood Compost

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