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Composting Pumpkins: A Peek Into Our Annual Smashes And A Way To Compost Yours If You Missed Them

As a team of composters and farmers, the holiday season means working overtime for us. Starting with Halloween, there's a mad dash to collect as many unpainted and undecorated pumpkins as possible to avoid them going to the landfill. Our goal is to make a dent in the 1 billion lbs of pumpkins that end up in landfills each year.

When organic matter goes to a landfill, it doesn't have a chance to decompose properly. Shockingly, even a head of lettuce can endure up to 25 years in landfills before breaking down. The reason? Suffocated and entombed in plastic bags, these materials lie buried under tons of refuse, emitting harmful methane gases as they decay. These gases are the ones that are literally heating up our planet, neighbors.

What we love about composting is that everyone can do it. It is the most immediate action one can take to positively impact our planet for years to come. And what better way to do that than to attend our annual pumpkin smashes? Well, those were last weekend, neighbors, and they were absolutely epic. Take a look for yourself.

This year, we held our 3rd annual pumpkin smash in partnership with Do Good Donuts in Hoboken at Maxwell Place Park. We also celebrated our recent partnership with Tenafly as a municipality by having a smash at one of our compost drop-off locations in Sunnyside Park. Even Mayor Zinna came and helped smash some pumpkins along with the Tenafly Green Team.

Mayor Zinna of Tenafly and Green Team support our annual pumpkin smash

One day, two locations, over 200 lbs of pumpkins diverted from the landfill. We brought all the pumpkin pieces back to our farm and fed them to our livestock—goats, sheep, alpacas, chickens, and more. The residuals were then composted.

Do you live in North NJ and still have some pumpkins that you would like to compost? Email to schedule a convenient, one-time compost pick-up, or take a look at our many compost pick-up offers and sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly compost pickup. Happy Composting!

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