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5 Tips to an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

As we dive into the holiday season which can feel like a whirlwind of gifts, food preparation, and shared moments, the prospect of making sustainable choices might seem like a daunting task amid the hustle and bustle. But fear not! We're here to guide you on a journey of intentionality, simplicity and sustainability, proving that incorporating eco-friendly practices into your holiday routine can be a breeze. 

Let's unwrap 5 tips that will make your holiday season both delightful and kind to the planet. 

1. Wrap Sustainably!

Goodbye, wasteful wrapping paper! Did you know the US produces 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper waste every year? Instead of wrapping paper - try cloth or newspaper. Instead of bows - try using natural greenery! And don't toss those gift bags you receive - store them away for future holiday seasons!

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2. Gift Zero Waste!

Show your loved ones how easy it can be to integrate zero waste items into their daily life! You can share your favorite zero waste items like reusable straws, shampoo bars or even composting services with us here at Neighborhood Compost! You can give the gift of a gift certificate for weekly or bi-weekly pick ups, simply by emailing us 

3. Experiences > Stuff!

Instead of adding future items to landfills, gift experiences that create lasting memories. Whether it's concert tickets, a spa day, or a homemade coupon for cooking dinner together, these experiences will be cherished long after the holiday madness settles. It's not just a gift; it's a moment to deeply connect with those you love!

4.  Plan your Food Shopping

Take an extra moment to plan your holiday meals intentionally to negate waste. You can take into consideration how many people are attending as well as what type of eaters you have in your gathering. Try utilizing tools like this Guestimator calculator to give you an idea of how much food to purchase. If you do end up with an excess food waste - no worries! You can simply compost it instead of throwing it away! 

5. Ditch the Disposable, Embrace the Reusable!

It may be convenient to utilize disposable plates, cups and utensils for large gatherings but the amount of waste produced adds up. Grab the china that has been gathering dust all year long and give it a moment to shine! Make a game out of clean up so it doesn’t feel so daunting! 

Pause for a moment and infuse your holiday preparations with intentionality. This simple act empowers you to make simple swaps toward eco-friendly choices. 

If you're looking to infuse eco-friendly choices into your holiday season, Neighborhood Compost is here to help! Whether it's composting your food waste or gifting a composting service via a thoughtful certificate, we've got you covered. Simply drop us an email at to kickstart your green holiday journey. 

Let sustainability guide your holiday journey, paving the way for a season that's not just joyous but also kind to our planet. 🌲✨

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