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FAQ residential compost

Once you choose your plan, we will send you a confirmation email with information about your schedule.

After you receive your compost bucket, place it on your front porch outside of your door or in the designated spot we agree upon. Do not place your bucket near the street or other trash/recycling bins, as we don’t want them to get picked up by accident! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions. You can reach us at

What can I compost?

Follow our compost guide HERE! We do not accept flowers since these can negatively impact our compost pile.

Where do you service/DEliver?

We are always expanding our routes! Our current service areas for compost pick up in New Jersey are Hudson, Bergen County, Morris County, Northern Somerset and Hunterdon County. Not sure if your residence or business is on the route? Send us an email!

Do I have to be home for your pick up/drop off?

Nope! We do all the work for you. Simply leave your bucket for us by 9 AM on pickup day!

Will my compost smell?

Our 5-gallon bucket comes lined with an eco liner and an airtight seal gamma lid. Once opened, there’s a possibility of a mild smell; however, it won’t be worse than your current garbage bin. You can also freeze scraps before pick up to mitigate odor.

Will I get fruit flies?

It’s unlikely, but it is possible. Fruit flies are more common in the summer months or if you have many fruit scraps. The best way to prevent this is to keep the lid on top of the bucket at all times, even if it’s not sealed. In addition, you can store fruit scraps in the refrigerator or freezer until the night before pick up and then move them to the bucket.

What if I forget to leave my bucket outside? 

Email us right away! If our driver is still in your neighborhood, we can come back for a $15 turnaround fee. If not, we'll see your bucket next time.

What if my bucket is stolen?

We hope this doesn’t happen. There is a $20 replacement fee. 

What if I have too many food scraps for the bucket?

You can request another bucket for $9/week. We'll be happy to pick up both. If not, you can place the food scraps in an eco liner outside of the bucket for an additional $6 fee.

Can I freeze my subscription? 

Yes, you can freeze your subscription for up to one month at a time. If you plan on being gone for one or two weeks, consider letting your neighbor use the service. Please let us know if you’re away on your pickup day so we can notify our driver to skip your house. 

Additional fees:

Replacement Bucket/Lid - $20

Replacement Flat Lid - $4

Turnaround fee - $15

Overflow fee - $6 ($8 during peak holiday season Nov 21 - Jan 6)

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