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Commercial Plans

Neighborhood Compost partners with local New Jersey businesses to promote a culture of sustainability through composting practices. Alongside a routine pickup service of discarded food scraps, our team also provides educational services to employees of our partners.


The food waste is transported and composted locally in New Jersey and used for farming practices, such as growing produce and feeding livestock. Neighborhood Compost provides an eco-conscious solution to support the community environment of our partners who are always striving for reductions to their carbon footprint.

Neighborhood Compost commercial composting

Here's what our partners have to say:


When Mood Food first opened, it was always our intention to compost our food waste, but it wasn't long to find that it was too much work for us while trying to run a business. 

Finding Neighborhood Compost has been a tremendous help to continue our strive to make a positive impact on our planet.

If we could as a society just agree to compost all of our food and paper waste and use the compost back into our farms, we could easily make a huge impact to healing our planet.

OverSeas Food Trading, LTD.

Partnering with Neighborhood Compost has been transformative for our team. Thanks to their guidance, our team has gained a deeper understanding of waste management practices and the significance of composting, fostering a strong culture of sustainability within our organization.

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