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Neighborhood Compost's Recycling Program

Neighborhood Compost Recycles


Not only does Neighborhood Compost help you keep your food scraps out of landfill, we are here to help you recycle items that you can't typically recycle curbside. We've partnered with TerraCycle Home to bring you Zero Waste Bags. 

Our NC Customer Portal has Zero Waste Bags for you to pick from. Here are the items we can recycle for you:

Neighborhood Compost Recycles

Ready to get started? Here's how:

1) Visit the NC Customer Portal to order a Zero Waste Bag.

2) Select a bag size that will fit all your recyclable items.

3) Fill it up, seal it up, and place it next to your compost bucket.

4) We'll pick it up and bring it to TerraCycle to be recycled into items like benches for your community.

Have questions? Send us an email at - We'll be happy to help!

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