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Your wedding without the waste

composting for weddings in new jersey


eco-friendly weddings in new jersey
composting for weddings in new york

Did you know 10% of food made for a wedding is thrown away? And considering that the United States sees around 2.4 million weddings a year, that's a lot of food waste from weddings!

If you're interested in having an eco-conscious wedding, composting is a great way to ensure your food isn't wasted.

By offering composting at your wedding, you'll be able to celebrate your special day while reducing your carbon footprint.


Green weddings are all the rage, so contact Neighborhood Compost to provide hassle-free composting at your wedding! We offer compost services for weddings in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.


Wedding composting is easier than you think!


Just contact us for a customized quote, and then we'll work with your caterer or event planner to ensure all food scraps are composted. 


We provide several compost stations throughout your event, so any unused food goes right back to the earth at our New Jersey family farm.

Plus, we'll let you know how much food you composted so that you can track your impact!

Your eco-friendly wedding is just a customized quote away.

eco-friendly weddings in new york
composting for weddings in pennsylvania

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