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Fruits and Veggies


Egg Shells


Coffee Grounds


Tea Leaves  (No Metal Staples or Bags)


Bread, Nuts, Grains


Dairy Products


Meat/ Bones

Napkins/ Paper Towels (Free of Any Cleaning Agents)


Shredded/ Torn up Paper + Newspaper (Uncoated)


Torn Up Cardboard (Free of Tape, Stickers, Glue or Residue)


Pizza Boxes


Produce Stickers


Household Plants, Flowers


Yard Trimmings/Plants Treated With Chemicals

Toilet Paper and Tissue


Any Type of Coated Paper (i.e. Receipts, Wax Paper)


Compostable Utensils, Cups or Plates

Pet Waste, Human Waste, Diapers


Chemicals, Synthetic Materials


Compostable and Plastic Bags (With the Exception of Eco Liners Provided)


Cleaning Products


Plastic and Glass Bottles

Not sure which food scraps you can compost with our pick-up composting service in NJ?
Reach out to - we’ll get right back to you!

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