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Municipal Drop-Off Programs

These municipalities are getting behind communal compost drop off locations and making a profound impact within their communities.

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Bergen County, NJ

Start date: October 1st, 2023

Current size: 50+ households and growing

Cost for residents: $15/month

This program is exclusively  for Tenafly residents.


Drop-off locations are:

  • Sunnyside Park (Corner of Oak Ave and Tenakill Parkway)

  • The Recycling Center

  • Churchill Nature Preserve


Enter code tenaflycomposts for $9.00 discount towards our Neighborhood Compost Circular Home Shop.

Waste diverted from landfill thus far= 11,700 lbs


Refer Your Municipality 

Is your municipality interested in signing up for a Compost Drop off Pilot Program? We'd be happy to help! Email us at

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