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  • I'm a "Pay-as-you-go" composter and my bucket is full, how do I schedule a pickup?
    Log into the customer portal. Select SHOP in the navigation bar. Click "one-time compost pickup" and SUBMIT and CHECKOUT. You will be added to the nearest upcoming route in your neighborhood. Orders must be placed by 11:59 PM the evening before in order to get added to the next day's route. If not, you will be added to the following week's route.
  • My bags are full. How do I request a pickup?
    Email us at and we will add you to the next upcoming route.
  • After I use up all the zero waste bags I currently have from TerraCycle can I purchase more through Neighborhood Compost?
    Yes. You can purchase more zero waste bags along with other eco-friendly home goods at anytime in our Circular Home Shop located in the customer portal . Zero waste bags will be mailed (or delivered if you are in NJ) within 3-5 business days. Other goods will be delivered at your next pickup.
  • What can go in the zero waste bags and what are the dimensions of the bags?
    Find that information here (
  • How much does it cost?
    Unless you have an active TerraCycle subscription, the cost is $15 per pickup. This is not a subscription based program. You can purchase bags from our Circular Home Shop located in the customer portal.
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